The many benefits a convention and visitors Bureau brings to the table

It’s Grace Caswell here, writing my first blog for Visit Noble County, Noble County’s tourism bureau. Being new to tourism, I have learned a great deal over the last month. I want to share a bit about what I have learned so far. I know I will learn more as time goes on. For now, here I am, in CVB 101. Are you ready learn with me?

Many counties and cities in Indiana have a convention and visitors bureau (CVB), also called destination management organizations (DMOs). Their primary responsibility is to promote a town, city, state, or region, resulting in an increase in the number of travelers and commerce.

Want to kayak down a river, across a lake, or through a chain of lakes? Let us help you find your way!

While CVBs are great at marketing, they do significantly more than “just marketing”. Some people do not know what a CVB or DMO is. Think of a them as a marketing department, an extra tool in the region’s toolbelt. My job, at Visit Noble County, is to raise awareness about all the wonderful things Noble County has to offer. (Like 117 lakes! Watch for blogs coming soon about those amazing resources!) I accomplish this by publishing articles, blogs, videos, guides, and social media posts. My goal is to help travelers, and our local tourism partners.

Visit Noble County is also a major marketer of local events and festivals

We provide access to a list of local service providers and tour partners as well. CVBs are partnership-driven; we have tour partners who can help support and expand almost any local event to be even bigger and better! We work to help find solutions to meet needs for transportation, presentations, catering, entertainment, and more.

We provide information about local savings and special offers that are found nowhere else!

At any given time, we may be able to offer rebates, discounts, and VIP tour options to enjoy during a vacation stay. CVBs are usually well-versed about the region’s “hidden gems”, too. When on a family trip or scoping out a site to visit, ask the CVB how your group can take find the best offers available.

Noble County has a number of small meeting venues, including Baker Hall at the Mid-America Windmill Museum.

We market small meeting spaces

With the word “convention” in our name, you might guess we also market our local venues. Small meetings represent 70% of all meetings in the U.S. (fewer than 50 attendees) and more than $10 billion annually in spending. Noble County has a variety of small meeting venues to offer and I am here to help you find them!

CVBs LOVE to help go “above and beyond” to fulfill special requests

If your visiting group wishes to collect food for a local pantry, spend a half-day volunteering on a service project, or contribute to a local non-profit cause I am here help you enjoy that extraordinary experience! Maybe you want to learn more about wine or beer and food pairings, kayak down a river or across a lake (or chain of lakes) as a part of team-bonding or training day. Whatever your wish, I will work with you to make it happen.

We can provide extra staffing and other support services

Sometimes our local partners need additional feet on the ground to work an event registration table, stuff visitor welcome packets, or serve as a tour guide. The CVB can help provide this support, too. Reach out to explore how we can help! It never hurts to ask.

In conclusion, CVBs are mini destination marketing and managing “departments”

My job, and the job of Visit Noble County, is to propel awareness of all the wonderful things our region has to offer. I am excited to be here and look forward to serving visitors and our local tourism partners alike!

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