Indiana Foodways, a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the celebration, promotion and preservation of the authentic food culture of Indiana.

A number of Noble County restaurants participate in the Alliance and the benefits offered through that organization. Below is more information about Noble County's participating restaurants.

Albion Ale House

Albion Ale House

Located in downtown Albion, the Albion Ale House not only serves a variety of craft beers but also delicious food. With dine-in and carry-out services, the Ale House will accommodate you in any circumstance. You must be 21-years or older to enter the bar. Click here to learn more. Enjoy their signature brews and food items that place them on the Tasty Tavern, Hoosier Brews, and Between the Bun Trails!

Tasty Traven Trail slot #1
Hoosier Brews slot #3
Between the Bun slot #4

Fashion Farm Restaurant

Fashion Farm is a family-owned restaurant with home-cooked meals. Enjoy their signature menu items that place them on the Hoosier Pie Trail, I Scream for Ice Cream Trail, Rise N' Shine Trail, and Soup, Salad, Sandwich Trail.

Kimmell House Tea Room

Enjoy a quaint atmosphere with a warm cup of tea, a piece of pie, and a warm fire. Try some of their menu items that place them on the Soup, Salad, Sandwich Trail, Coffee Tea Room Trail, and the Hoosier Pie Trail.

St. James Restaurant

Dine at one of the oldest restaurants in Indiana and enjoy quality food. St. James participates in the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Trial, Cultural Cuisine Trail, and the Here Fishy Fishy Trail.


Enjoy delicious, beautifully decorated bakes good in this historic downtown. Pre-order a custom cake or grab a coffee and a cookie! WhatchamaCAKES participates in the Hoosier Pie, Sweet Temptations, and Coffee & Tea Room trails.