Explore your backyard with these mini adventures with specific geo locations where you can find and trade key chains, trinkets, and more!

To start, visit the Geocaching site online at geocaching.com or download the app. Then search a by location to find hunts near you. Whether you’re interested in fishing, spooky stories, or local gems there’s adventures waiting to happen!

Click on the location you’re wanting to visit and search to find the specific geo location where a small container will be hidden. Once you find the container consider leaving and taking a token as a way to mark you’ve been there. The more creative the better!

Geocaches We Recommend

User OLD Ranger, has places over 15 caches in the series “GONE FISHING” along the Fishing Line trail that connects the cities of Rome City and Kendallville. Hike or bike over 10 miles and enjoy these caches!

If you’re looking for a spookier adventure, try the cache “Noble County Home Cemetery: Imagine The Stories” located in Albion. Explore a small town cemetery and learn Noble County’s unique history.

Explore and learn about the life of Gene Stratton-Porter while visiting her house in Rome City. The Woman of Wildflower Woods highlights the life of Indiana’s most widely read female author.

We can’t wait to see your adventures in Noble County! Tag us using the hashtag #VisitNoble.

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