Noble County is home to 3 of Indiana’s 14 Bird Towns. These designations are given to communities that protect natural communities of birds, participate in natural resource management, remove bird hazards, and educate the public.

Make a Day of it!

Noble County is home to many birding sites and unique birds to be seen. Bald eagles, raptors, and herons have been spotted frequently around Noble County. No matter what community you begin in, there’s adventures to be had across the whole county. Consider walking our trails or hopping in a kayak to spot unique birds. The map below show great birding locations and places to stop, rest, and grab a bite to eat along the way.

Enhance Your Day

A variety of locally-owned small businesses are waiting to meet you and help make sure your visit in Noble County is unique and memorable. Consider enhancing your day of birding by browsing local shops and indulging in the local food scene by exploring some of the establishments in our small business community! We’ve mapped a few and you can find more at SHOPNoble.