Noble County was founded in 1836 and has a rich history centered around the natural elements in the region.

Vintage map of Noble County
  • Noble County is named after James Noble, Indiana’s first U.S. Senator
  • Wolf Lake was the first village in the county, established in 1832
  • The county covers 420 square miles
  • There are seven incorporated towns and cities in the county
  • There are an additional 24 unincorporated residential communities in the county
  • Albion Township, in the geographical center, is the smallest township in the U.S.
  • There are over 117 lakes in the county and eight protected nature areas
  • This area was inhabited by the Miami and Pottawatomie Indians until 1838

Gene Stratton-Porter

Notable Noble County residents have included:

  • Author Gene Stratton-Porter, Indiana’s most widely-read female author
  • Indiana State Poet Laureate Arthur Franklin Mapes
  • NBA star Brad Miller
  • Architect Alvin M. Strauss
  • Olympian Amy Yoder Begley
  • MLB pitcher Scott Russell Cary
  • English footballer Robert Cumming
  • Urban scholar and futurist Richard Louis Meier
  • Nobel Prize winner and chemist Harold Urey
  • Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick

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