What’s in Your Backyard?

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Each day I travel a total of two and half hours round trip to work and back home. Some think that is an awfully long time to stay in the car just for an internship. I would have to agree, but I have a lot of time to ponder about life.

I pass about five cemeteries on my drive to Noble County each day and as I drive by, I wonder who is buried there. Is the town founder buried next to his beloved wife? A mass murderer buried next to his victims? Or a newborn who never saw his/her first birthday?

However, unlike many unanswered stories, Noble County gives its residents and visitors a chance to find the answers concerning those who are buried in cemeteries such as Lake View, Oak Park, Old Kendallville Cemetery and Rose Hill. One can find the answer to who is buried at Wolf Lake Cemetery – Marvin Kuhns – because of a trail that started back in 2010 called the Tombstone Trail.

I have worked exclusively with stories about people buried in Noble County for the past month. It has come to the point where I feel like I know them and feel for their tragic deaths from wars and sickness.

I have laughed at their crazy adventures, especially those of Cora Anderson aka Ralph Kerwineo, who because she could not get a decent job as a black unmarried woman, decided to impersonate a man and marry her roommate Mamie.

Other stories have led me to understand the rich history behind Noble County. I have learned about the “Ligonier Quality Bakery” or as most of you know it, “Creps.” After editing that story, I started craving a doughnut.

Yet, so many stories are still left untold in these cemeteries. No one will know about Charles W. Palmer, a boy at the age of 19 who died from a heart displacement. He is buried at Rose Hill, though not many people know about him.

There is so much history in your own backyard, not just in Noble County. Will you take the time to discover it?

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