Maybe you’ve seen our social media posts about all the new maps being added to our website. Visit Noble County partnered with Noble County GIS to provide a variety of maps on our website. So what are they and where can you find them?

Mural Map: Noble County is flooded with murals that express the county’s history and culture. You can view the map of all the mural locations on the Art & Culture page, or click the link here.

Attractions Map: There are a number of award-winning attractions that find their home in Noble County. Figure out where they are and view a map of their locations on the Museum & Attractions page or by clicking the link here.

Recreation Map: With over 117 lakes and miles of trails, Noble County is an outdoor lover’s dream! View a map of all our recreational locations on our Outdoor Recreation page or by clicking the link here.

Noble Trail Map: This unique, multi-community trail spans almost 10 miles. Travel from Rome City’s famous Sundaes on Sylvan all the way to the Sport’s Complex in Kendallville. To view this map, visit our Outdoor Recreation page.

Historical Markers: Noble County is founded on a rich history that spans throughout the county. View this map on the bottom of the Museums & Attraction page or by clicking the link here.

Fairy Door Map: Noble County is home to a number of growing Fairy, Gnome, and Troll doors. Visit each door, scan the QR code and learn about each new resident in Noble County. Click here to view the maps for each community.

No matter your interests, there’s a variety of activities and places for you to explore here in Noble County, Indiana!

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