With the COVID-19 looming all around us and changing our day-to-day lives, it may seem like there's not much to do. Although we are encouraging social distancing, there are still some things Noble County has to offer.

Chain O Lakes State Park

Visit Chain O' Lakes State Park and breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy the sites, sounds, and smells of the park. Take a walk along their many miles of trails or enjoy one of the 13 scenic lakes. Hanging out at any state park is a great way to get out, stay active, and practice healthy boundaries.

Noble Trails

Walk, bike, or run this almost 10 mile trail that spans from Rome City and Kendallville. Enjoy light exercise, sunshine, and fresh air during your time on the trail.

Disc Golf Courses

Although golf course club houses may be closed, you can always enjoy the many disc golf courses scattered throughout Noble County. Bixler Lake Park in Kendallville has two courses as well as Hidden Diamonds Park in Albion. Grab your discs and enjoy a little competition during your walk through Noble County's parks.

Fairy, Gnome, and Troll Doors

Noble County is home to many fairies, gnomes, and troll. Visit their homes and learn about who they are and what brought them to Noble County by scanning the QR codes. This activity does not require you to go inside of any building. Feel free to leave fairy-sized goodies for our newest Noble County residents. Find a map of all these doors here.

Noble County Murals

Noble County is home to a number of murals that express our county's history and story. Hop in your car and take a driving tour of Noble County's murals while learning about our rich history and culture. More information can be found on our Art & Culture page here.

Where to Eat

With the closure of many dine-in options across the States, Noble County has a variety of carry out, curbside, or delivery options. All the dining options below are subject to change. Please "like" us on Facebook to see continuous updates on dining options in Noble County.

  • Kendallville Restaurants
  • (For updates on Kendallville restaurants please follow this public Facebook group)
  • Tasty's Donuts- Carryout
  • Pizza Forum- Carryout, Delivery
  • WhatchamaCAKES- Carryout, Curbside Delivery
  • Don Chicos- Carryout
  • Si Senor- Closed
  • 10 Pinz Pizza & Arcade- Carryout and Delivery
  • Maria's House of Pancakes- Carryout or Drive Up at the window
  • Ligonier Restaurants
  • Fashion Farm Inc. Restaurant- Carryout, Curbside Pickup, Delivery within 10 miles (updated menu available online)
  • Gabriela's European Desserts & More- Carryout
  • Charger House- Carryout from 6am-7pm
  • Grounded Coffee- Curbside Pickup
  • Avilla Restaurants
  • Cody's Pizza- Carryout and Delivery
  • St. James Restaurant- Curbside Pickup
  • Wolcottoville Restaurants
  • Twin Six- Carryout
  • Albion Restaurants
  • Albion Pizza Depot- Carryout and Delivery
  • ONE10 West Main- Carryout and Curbside food and alcohol
  • El Mariachi- Carryout from 11am-2pm and 4pm-8pm
  • Albion Ale House- Carryout of food & beer
  • Half Acres Cafe- Curbside Carryout
  • Kountry Kitchen- 6am-2pm Carryout
  • Rome City Restaurants
  • Sylvan Cellars- Closed
  • El Dorado- Carryout

*For an updated list of county-wide restaurant status please click here.

As previously stated, we encourage social distancing during this time and we will continue to keep you updated as to the state of attractions and restaurants in Noble County via Facebook.

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