Happy 50th anniversary of Earth Day! With Noble County’s numerous natural amenities, it only seems fitting that we interrupt your regularly scheduled COVID-19 broadcast to see what today’s all about.

Established in 1970, Earth Day would come to provide a voice to the emerging environmental consciousness, and putting environmental concerns on the front page. It is now a day of taking action, doing the work, and helping to save our planet.

So how can you celebrate in Noble County, IN?

  1. Visit one of Noble County’s many natural amenities. From the Noble Trail, Chain O’ Lakes State Park, an Acres Landtrust, or a community park. Visiting one of these locations, taking a walk, and exploring the nature helps put into perspective how important it is to make the efforts to preserve these pieces of land.
  2. While visiting one of these locations take a bag and pick up garbage! Whether it’s from human error, windy days, or pesky animals digging through trash, trash pollution is something that can greatly harm our ecosystem and kill many wildlife in the area.
  3. Educate yourself. Earthday.org has a variety of resources to help you and your family better understand the meaning of Earth Day and gives you steps towards taking action for this cause.
  4. Go green! With take out menus being our only options these days, there’s a lot of waste being created when we support small businesses. Consider grabbing a Tupperware from your pantry and taking it to the restaurant, but call ahead and let them know you’ll be bringing your own to-go box.
  5. Plant something. Start a garden, finishing your floral landscape, or maybe event plant a tree in your backyard! These green things help produce oxygen and assist in cleaning our environmental pollution.
  6. Start recycling. Grab a box and designate it for recycling. Cans, cardboard, and many plastics are all recyclable within your cities. Visit Earth911.com to find a recycling center closest to you.
  7. Watch this video from Purdue Extension for more ideas!

With a variety of ways to celebrate in Noble County, Earth Day can be a family affair this year! Comment below and let us know how you’ll be celebrating.

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